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Sport: Chair Based Fitness, Cycling Sports, Dance Fitness, Dance Fitness, Fitness Activities, Fitness Class (Virtual), Gentle Exercise, Gentle Fitness, Jogging & Running, Leisure Activities & Games, Multi Sports, Walking Activities & Sports, Wheelchair Sports, Yoga & Pilates
Holton St Mary, United Kingdom

We specialise in helping people who often find it difficult to access exercise opportunities.

Our clients include people with acquired injuries, illnesses and disabilities as well as disabilities from birth.

We offer a service for those who may feel excluded from your standard gyms to have a safe space to workout and have confidence that the staff are able to help them when needed.

Our staff are all trained and have experience with working with populations groups in physical and cognitive impairments.

We offer adaptive equipment to support your fitness goals such as: Functional Movement - Parallel bars for assisted walking, gladiator bars for supported stability, free weights and core equipment. We also have other functional movement equipment such as Reaction Light Training, steps, floor ladders and pattern spots.

Wheelchair and impaired movement accessible - Adaptive rowing machine, upper body and lower body bikes, active/passive cycling, Vibration plate.

In short, if you want to get fitter or you provide care for someone that needs our support, we would love to help.

Sport: Chair Based Fitness, Fitness Class (Virtual), Gentle Fitness, Wheelchair Sports
Aylesbury, United Kingdom

Welcome to the new WheelPower Workouts aimed at Young People. Over the coming months, we will be releasing a new workout every fortnight and will have 10 new sessions for you to enjoy. Although these classes will be aimed at both primary and secondary aged children that doesn't mean that they can't be enjoyed by the whole family together, and even your class at school!

We hope you enjoy these new workouts from WheelPower and that they help you keep really fit as we head into 2021.

Please remember: Always seek advice from your GP, Physio or a trained exercise professional regarding the type and the amount of physical activity and exercise you should be doing.

Sport: Activity, Chair Based Fitness, Fitness Class (Virtual), Gentle Exercise, Gentle Fitness, Leisure Activities & Games, Multi Sports, Something a bit different?!
Loughborough, United Kingdom

Many children and young people across the UK will be missing out on their usual sport clubs. YST want to help all young people feel part of a club that helps them develop skills and learn something new. The Youth Sport Trust’s After School Sport Club is about much more than physical fitness. It will help children develop physical literacy and confidence to try lots of new sports, helping all children find a sport for them.

The free to access After School Sport Club will be led by YST Athlete Mentors from a variety of backgrounds, abilities and sports. Between January and March 2021, guest athletes from different National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of Sport will also help host the sessions.

Each week there will be a different focus, with Tuesdays introducing the basic theme and Thursdays involving a sport-specific session. Keep an eye on our social channels and this webpage to learn more about each week’s schedule.

Invasion games (e.g. netball and football), striking and fielding (e.g. cricket and rounders), gymnastic, dance, combat, net and wall (e.g. table tennis and badminton) and aquatic.

Sport: Athletics, Jogging & Running
London, United Kingdom

London Fields Triathlon Club is a friendly community based triathlon club in the heart of Hackney.
This is a track running session aimed at optimizing technique, strength and speed.
We have people of all levels of abilities in our club. In the past, our sessions have been accessible for visual and hearing impairments with experienced guides. We are very welcoming to make these sessions accessible to all, just let us know how what you need.
Each track session is coached. There is structure to the session, support, laughs and lots of sweat!
All coaches are registered with British Triathlon Federation.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Sport: Activity, Martial Arts
Abingdon, United Kingdom

Adapted and inclusive safe non-contact fun sessions of martial arts physical activity.

Everyone is welcome, so come along and get involved!

Sport: Activity, Martial Arts
Oxford, United Kingdom

Adapted and inclusive safe non-contact fun sessions of martial arts physical activity.

Everyone is welcome, so come along and get involved!

Sport: Activity, Martial Arts
Stoke Mandeville, United Kingdom

Adapted and inclusive safe non-contact fun sessions of martial arts physical activity.

Everyone is welcome, so come along and get involved!

Sport: Activity, Fitness Activities, Wheelchair Sports
Penrith, United Kingdom

We have introduced the sport into Cumbria to enable individuals with a Disability or Physical Impairment to access a thrill seeking, adrenaline rush, full contact, all-inclusive sport.

It is not only players who are welcome; there are lots of opportunities to play your part on the side-lines too. We’re constantly looking for Referees, Officials and Volunteers to help at training sessions and tournaments.

Wheelchair Rugby is one of the only full-contact disability sports. Originally Wheelchair Rugby was designed for tetraplegic individual’s. It has now been developed to provide the opportunity for those with greater functionality than the Paralympic discipline permits. The sport is open to both men an women, and is one of the only games which allows them to compete on the same team.

Wheelchair rugby is played in specially adapted manual wheelchairs, which are designed to be able to handle the powerful crashes that occur during a game and are specifically adapted for this sport. There are two types of chairs used during the game which are; Attack and Defensive chairs. Attack is for those more functional and faster players to score during the game and defensive for those less functional players whose main role is to block the opposing team from scoring.

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Sport: Activity, Chair Based Fitness, Gentle Exercise, Gentle Fitness, Leisure Activities & Games, Outdoor activites, Outdoor Activities, Something a bit different?!, Target Sports, Winter Sports
Wymondham, United Kingdom

Archery is a fantastic sport that almost anyone can do. You could be the next Robin Hood or Olympian... Or you could come over and just have a wonderful time with other Archers. We laugh a lot... mostly at ourselves. Archery is easy to start, fun to continue and can take you almost anywhere. We have tournaments, fun and games, some of us are serious about it, some are more social-archers.

We enjoy the sunshine in the summer and the shelter of indoors in the winter.

Our sessions are straight forward and relaxing. Yet, they can challenge us to do better each time we come to Club. Our facilities allow us to shoot plenty of times per week, which can't be a bad thing, can it?

You will be part of a super Archery Club with over 100 members from all over Norfolk. The noble sport will leave you wanting to know more and eek out how you can improve at each session.

We are affiliated to Archery GB and have access to good advice for any particular needs.

We are an OnTarget Club and work closely with our Community.

Come and be part of Wymondham Archers... you'll love it.

Pete: Chair

Sport: Dance, Dance Fitness, Dance Fitness, Fitness Class (Virtual)
London, United Kingdom

High intensity session with a range of movements.